About Romanița Humanitarian Association

ROMANIȚA HUMANITARIAN ASSOCIATION is active in the field of social protection. The association undertakes the mission of supporting the integration, readaptation and professional retraining of adults, especially socially disadvantaged categories. Also, the association aims to prevent any form of addiction, through identification, support, information and counseling actions in the institutional framework or in training centers.

The association also develops social mediation programs (facilitation of professional and social benefits, social assistance), acting in the field of providing mentoring in human resources for over 10 years, supporting activities such as:

  • The organization of seminars, market research and analyzes to identify the social/professional needs of the beneficiaries, organization of workshops and information and awareness presentations regarding the existing opportunities in order to encourage access to structural funds;
  • Promoting partnership in the business environment, civil society organizations, universities and public institutions;
  • The development of entrepreneurial and managerial training programs that allow the employment of the unemployed and/or young graduates and/or their integration into society, the organization of settlements for teenagers who come from disorganized families, the direct assistance of street children, the organization of pedagogical actions, the organization of sports activities, advising families with problems and supporting them.

Until now, the association has run campaigns to raise awareness of the importance of active aging in Dolj, in partnership with the Public Medical and Social Assistance Service. Awareness campaigns were held in Craiova, to support seniors and keep them in the community (approximately 25 people assisted). The association also carried out specific activities for the reintegration of people with mild disabilities on the labor market. Awareness campaigns focused on information about the labor market and qualification opportunities for employees in Dolj.

  • We value human capital.
  • We facilitate education for the underprivileged.
  • We develop marginalized communities.
  • We encourage social and civic responsibility.

Our mission is to create bridges between people, actively promoting the principles of cooperation and non-discriminatory access to resources of various factors involved in socio-economic life (public bodies and organizations, educational and professional training institutions, businesses, professional associations, organizations non-profit, unions, cultural organizations, etc.) at local, regional, national and international level.